Jason is a passionate follower of Jesus. After a radical encounter with the love of God, and a conviction of sin through the Holy Spirit, Jason’s life was forever changed. He left his old identity as a homosexual behind and found his new identity in Christ alone.

Jason now lives with his beautiful wife Sarah, and their three daughters, just outside Centerton, Arkansas. Knowing that their first and most important ministry is their family, Jason and Sarah work together carefully to balance the joys of their marriage, home-schooling and raising three girls in the ways of the Lord, and the many aspects of Flames2Fire Ministries.

Jason is passionate about helping others who have in the past or currently experience same-sex attraction. He believes what God did for him, God is also willing and able to do for anyone who chooses to lay down their lives and follow Jesus.

Jason knows that his calling and Kingdom impact is not limited to helping those in LGBTQ identities. He has overcome many things including childhood sexual abuse, rejection, frequent bullying, suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, pornography, drunkenness, envy, anger, and bitterness. Because of this, his testimony speaks to the heart and spirit of people from all walks of life and sinful struggles.

Jason believes in the life-transforming power of God, made available through the blood of Jesus, and empowered in believers by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. As a minister of reconciliation, he travels the country and world discipling believers, sharing his testimony, preaching & demonstrating the full Gospel of the Kingdom of God.