Outreaches for Equipping& Evangelism

Flames2Fire engages with educational sharing at Churches, Organizations, Schools, & Governments locally, nationally, and worldwide.

Local Outreaches

  • F2F Food Pantry (Local Food Pantry)
  • Hope4TheHomeless

    • Addressing all areas of poverty is important when truly helping the needy overcome their afflictions. Food, Clothing, and Shelter is just the beginning. While every ministry has small beginnings, we have a huge vision filled with love, passion, and education!

  • Loved2Truth Support Group

    • Helping those with Same-Sex Attraction understand their feelings while providing love and support

    • Helping Ex-Gays continue to grow and seek God in all areas of their lives.

    • Helping Parents and friends of the LGBT(lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered) community find hope and healing while learning how to love their LGBT loved ones without compromising God’s Word.

    • Reaching out and educating school boards, city councils, and others affected by those in the LGBT Community.

    • Stepping4Souls – In July 2015, Jason walked from Gravette to Little Rock, AR, to raise awareness and love for the lost in the LGBT community while standing firm on God’s Truth that marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman.

For More Information Visit: www.Loved2Truth.com

National & International Missions

  • National Missions

    • Raising awareness that living in the LGBT community is a choice, and God did not create us, sinners.

    • Helping all believers live the life God has planned for them as Overcomers

    • Helping provide churches, pastors, and community leaders with the education and resources they need to reach their local community

  • International Missions

    • Currently, we have personally touched the soil of Guatemala, Mexico, and Haiti. We are praying for the resources to expand our support of these areas and spread the goodness in Africa, Cuba, India, and Nepal shortly. Below are just part of the ways we are reaching the world.

      • Visiting the Orphans and Widows in their affliction is the purest form of religion according to Jesus.

      • Crusades to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nationals until the whole world knows!

      • Training Up Disciples and Leaders – 2015 brought our first Pastor’s Conference in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. Over 140 Pastors and leaders of churches around Port-Au-Prince attended this multi-day conference on Faith, Healing, and The Gifts of the Spirit.

  • Revive2Thrive

    • Revive2Thrive is a series dedicated to bringing hope, encouragement, and Revival to the hearts and minds of your congregation today! When we seek first the Kingdom of God, He gives us everything we need to overcome this world and the flesh’s desires. As this becomes a reality in the believer’s hearts and minds, life is no longer about surviving but thriving in all circumstances! 

  • Loved2Truth – Ex-Gay Ministry and Support Group

    • Having come out of the gay lifestyle after 15 years, Jason has not only a heart for but a passion for reaching the lost and hurting within the LGBT community. His goal is not to condemn anyone to hell but to convince those who want it possible. That all things are possible through Christ who gives us strength. The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but Jesus came that we may have life and have it more abundantly. The testimony of Christ in Jason’s life is proof that anything is possible with Christ, and no matter how good you think life is, it is always better when walking within God’s will and plans for your life!