Are You or Someone You Know Struggling With Same Sex Attraction? is a ministry of Flames2Fire Ministries. Jason Maxwell is a straight man with a wife and 3 duaghters. He believed from an early age he was gay, but after 15 years living in the Gay Lifestyle, he was supernaturally delivered by the Holy Spirit. Today he helps others understand the truth behind the sin. – Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX) is a national non-profit organization committed to helping ex-gays and parents and friends of gays who want help, hope and community. PFOX exists to educate, support, and advocate for individuals and parents on the issue of same-sex attraction, and increase others’ understanding and acceptance of the ex-gay community. We believe that every person seeking positive life change needs and deserves the love and support of family, friends, the community, and the church. That’s why we offer a place for help, a place for truth, and a place for the ex-gay to participate in the conversation about same-sex attraction. Founded in May 1998, PFOX was created specifically to be an alternative to the misinformed gay family groups which insist that parents can only prove their love for their gay child if they support gay rights and affirm their child’s self-proclaimed gay identity. PFOX teaches parents that it’s ok to love their children without placing any conditions on that love. Through public awareness campaigns, PFOX has a long and proud history of educating society on the facts about sexual orientation in order to eliminate negative perceptions and discrimination against ex-gays and those trying to overcome same-sex attraction. The thousands of real people who have made a decision to change their lives benefit from their parents, friends and loved ones being equipped with the truth about their struggle.